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Course Schedule 18 February - 16 May
Presentations 09.00 - 11.00
Exercises 11.15 - 13.00
Deadline to apply 10 February

If you’re dying to test out the cool concepts you are learning at university, VMware Talent Boost is the course for you!

The topics have been carefully selected to give you the boost you need in OOP, Data Structures, Java Programming, Front-end Development. At the end of the course you will do your first full-stack project and receive invaluable feedback from our experts.

Our lecturers and mentors are accomplished VMware Engineers who have years of experience in million-dollar projects. They can’t wait to share their knowledge with you!

So don’t wait - APPLY now! Seats are limited

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The training will include the following intensive courses:

Introduction to Software Development
Software Design, Refactoring & Testing
Requirements Analysis
Input/Output and Networking
Development Methodologies & Testing Process
Concurrency and Parallelism
Design Patterns
Software Security & Crypto
Front-End Development
Back-End Development (Spring)
Apply now Requirements


Name Position
Gancho Manev Lead Software Engineer
VMware Advanced Development
Danail Grigorov Lead Software Engineer
VMware VMC DRaaS
Vasil Chomakov Sr. Software Engineer
VMware vSphere Client
Adelina Rudova Software Engineer
VMware vRealize Automation
Dimitar Ivanov Software Engineer
VMware vRealize Automation
Hristo Trendafilov Sr. Software Engineer
VMware vRealize Automation
Mario Stoilov Software Engineer
VMware OneCloud
Rayna Stankova Software Engineer
VMware vCloud Usage Insight
Stoyan Zhelyazkov Software Engineer
VMware vSphere Client
Kiril Stefanov Lead Software Engineer
VMware vCAC
Kiril Aleksandrov Lead Software Engineer
VMware vSAN
Tihomir Mateev Sr. Software Engineer
VMware vSphere Client
Martin Marinov Sr. Software Engineer
VMware vSphere Client
Kaloyan Dimitrov Sr. Software Engineer
VMware vCAC
Antoni Ivanov Sr. Software Engineer
VMware Analytics & Licensing
Simona Mitrenova Software Engineer
VMware vCAC
Yoana Boyanova Software Engineer
VMware IaaS SW Solutions
Vladimir Petkov Software Engineer
VMware Analytics & Licensing
Ivan Velkov Software Engineer
VMware vCenter
Boris Benchev Software Engineer
VMware PS Tools
Alek Boninski Software Engineer
VMware vCAC
Vladimir Monov Software Engineer
VMware IaaS SW Solutions
Plamen Totev Software Engineer
VMware IaaS SW Solutions
Sabo Rusev Software Engineer
VMware IoT
Vasil Atanasov Software Engineer
VMware vSphere Client
Georgi Stoimenov Software Engineer
VMware vSphere Client
Georgi Hristozov Software Engineer
VMware vSphere Client
Philip Yankov Sr. Engineering Mentor
Petar Petrov Sr. Engineering Mentor
Krum Bakalsky Sr. Engineering Mentor
Marin Delchev Sr. Engineering Mentor
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The only requirement is that you are a university student with some basic knowledge in software development.

We will do a quick online test to check your basics and then an interview with our team. Based on the results, we will select the 20 students we believe will benefit from the academy the most.

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Success Stories

testemonial talentboost vmware

"At Talent Boost I learned many new things in almost every field of programming. I got a better idea of what a company would expect of me as a developer and for the first time in my life I started working on a big project which was the best of all."

Paulina Takova
Talent Boost 2016 graduate

1. Why did you choose Technical University?
At high school I studied electronics with a concentration in hardware, but I decided to shift to software and that the Technical University of Sofia is the best place for me.
2. How did you decide you want to write code for a living?
I decided that it would be very interesting to start developing software as I am attracted to technology since my childhood.
3. What were the reasons you wanted to start your career at VMware?
What I like about VMware is that it is a company with a world-wide reputation, which would have many growth opportunities. After a month and a half in the summer, I was very happy with employees’ attitude and professionalism.
4. What were the main benefits of graduating from Talent Boost?
I learned many new things in almost every field of programming. I got a better idea of what a company would expect of me as a developer and for the first time in my life I started working on a big project which was the best of all.
5. What are you better in now than you were before Talent Boost?
I got better in many things, but most importantly, I would say, I am more convinced that I want to be a developer now.
6. How is your internship going? What new things are you learning?
My internship (after Talent Boost) is going quite well, I am working on my project and I am learning new things every day. I working with new technologies that are very interesting to me. I had to start using many different programing languages that I hadn’t worked with before.

"Talent Boost is an exceptionally intensive academy and during my time there I learned a lot. Being one of 20 participants meant that everybody got enough attention. But I think the biggest advantage was how well it prepared me for the next step of my career - beginning an internship at VMware."

Viktoriya Petkova
Talent Boost 2018 graduate

1. Tell us more about yourself and the path that lead you to VMware
My name is Victorya and I graduated TalenBoost in 2018. I am currently an intern in VMware, and I work on a project of my own called “Usage Meter Manager”. The project is interesting and allowed me to learn quite a lot. For a back-end I used Java and Spring Boot, for front-end – Angular and Clarity. I also added a PostgreSQL database. Near the end of my internship all the internship projects took part of an Intern Projects Expo – a showcase of all the work we have managed to do.
But let me tell you how I got here.
I have had a computer since the 5th or 6th grade and I was initially very amazed – how a small box like that could do so many things – it looked like magic to me. During high school I studied “Informatics” and with time I understood that the computer is as smart as I initially thought – it only knows about zeroes and ones. The real magicians are the programmers. They are the ones that make a program out of these zeroes and ones. This is why, convinced I want to become a magician, I decided to pursue a “Computer sciences” bachelor’s degree at the Mathematics and Informatics Faculty at the Sofia University.
2. How did you learn about TalentBoost? What motivated you to apply??
Two years ago, I attended an IT companies fair in my university, where I first heard about this program from VMware employees. I was impressed, but I never found the courage to apply. On a similar fair next year I got a lot of questions asking if I have ever applied to such an academy. Questions I had no good answer for. So then, when I saw a Facebook post about the new TalentBoost class that was starting soon I didn’t hesitate and applied right away.
3. How would you convince other young people with interests in the software engineering to apply for the Talent Boost class?
TalentBoost helped me find people my age with the same interests. We all learned a lot and understood what team work is and when we should work alone. We had the chance to talk to VMware employees and ask them what it is to work as a software engineer; what a typical work day looks like; what does VMware do. We managed to see up close and intimately what an IT company is and I was able to find out that I have made the right choice when I chose this line of work.
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